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CC or BCC Customer notifications

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Does anyone know if it possible to CC or BCC to my email all the Customer notifications that can be found under Settings-> Notifications ?

Thank you 

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@NuEmporia May this help you. Click Here.

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Thanks for your reply. The link you provided only describes to do do it for New order notifications.


However, I would like to know if it is possible for ALL the notifications that can be found under Settings-> Notifications. 


To start with I would be like to setup BCC for the following notifications

  • Order confirmation
  • Abandoned checkout
  • Shipping confirmation
  • Shipping update
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Hi NuEmporia!


We have faced the same issue, would like to BCC/CC all notifications into our Hubspot CRM - seems not possible right now, and also it seems to be an issue for a couple of years already without any solution.


Should be a super basic functionality and/or included in the Hubspot App (from our perspective).




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Looking for the same thing.

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Ditto for me. I'm a hubspot user and need to capture my communications to customers from Shopify in my CRM. 

Has there been any head way on this request?