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I am super new to design + customization on Shopify and I want to add small boxes behind each menu tab in the color #E3D5C6 and also make the drop down menu background the same color. 

Right now it's all white and blends too much. I want some contrast but don't know how to even start. 


I would appreciate a step by step guide. 

The website is - thank you so much!!

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Hi @alissacmolineux,

Please follow the steps below to change the color of the menu background and drop-down menu backgrounds:


Step 1: Navigate to Online Store -> Themes -> Edit Code. Find the theme.scss.css file and go to the bottom of the page. Paste the provided code.


.site-header .site-nav__item {
    background-color: #E3D5C6;
    border-radius: 5px;
    background-color: #E3D5C6;
    background-color: #E3D5C6;
.site-nav__dropdown a{
    background-color: #E3D5C6;


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