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Change Image of Product on Cart Page - Dawn Theme

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I'm trying to figure out how to change the representative image of a product on the Cart page.  I know by default this image is set to the first image uploaded for the product.  However, for my situation, my first image is great to display by default on the product page but I want the Cart's image to be different and a little simpler.  How am I able to do this?  I have a Dawn 2.0 theme.



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no sorry its not possible 

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UX: warning don't casually swap images at different phases of what's shown to be put in the cart between product ,cart , and checkout pages it's a good way to confuse customers . Make sure you a/b test stuff like this if the variant-image a customer sees when they click add-to-cart will be swapped for another at a later time, especially if that image is no where on the product page.


Depending on theme this should just be solved by giving each variant it's own image. 


This can of course be a problem if you only have products that don't have multiple variants.


If you cannot have multiple variants on a product then you actually need to invert the situation to avoid other problems* and instead on product pages make some other image swap into the place of the featured image,


If you must do swap the image in the cart then  themes /cart template you would need to iterate through the line-items and access each line-items product object to get to other images, or some other construct depending on where this other image lives.

See dawn reference of example cart code 


*But this can be a moot point for as soon as a visitor goes to /checkout the images shown will default to the default image. Unless you are on shopify Plus you cannot modify the checkout.

And you would also have to update ALL notification templates to reference some other media. 



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