Change my store payment plan to monthly

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my plan was due on November 25, 2023 it 358. Yearly I can’t afford to pay the whole 350. I’m trying to change it to monthly payments in my plan Won’t let me now my store is frozen! Cant call no one to help me this is crazy.

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I did the exact thing thinking that it was a yearly subscription. I complained about it more then once and didn’t get no proper feedback but they did take the payment from my account when some money finally arrived in it. I thought that it was a yearly subscription and I paid more for that plan then what I had made in the actual store. Now I’m trying my best to contact the billing department. How this is setup is kind of messing because you have to go through a thousand articles just to get to the right article. Just to have a conversation open to some anybody just wait for some kind of feed back from them. Then they’ll help you but to a certain extinction of their qualifications. I think they need a billing dept clickable link for you to address any problem and to get back to you right away instead of stalling. What I just went through was in call for and spent money I don’t have and was complaining to them about before the previous payment transaction and went to my bank and tried to stop them from pulling the $350.00 and their unsupported selves pulled it anyways. Now I want to dispute the charge and don’t know which way to disputing this charge.