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Hi guys.

My issue is the following.

I paused my store three months ago. I changed my login email address. Now, I wanna log back in and am getting a code that I cannot access because the email address is not active and cannot be reactivated either. So, now and because of that nice code, I can't log in to change that email address either. So, either I have to skip the nice code OR get my email address changed. The cat is somehow biting itself, it's an endless wheel of having no access. What now?

A renaming of the whole brand and everything, including the contrado connection to Shopify, would be the consequence just because of that damn code. And access to real help with a short mail to a real person with a real chance for help is not possible either and I had to create a new Shopify account just to have access to write this down to the community to ask for help. That is **bleep** complicated and is no fun at all. If things shall work out everything has to be easily accessible, easily to be found, and easily to be recreated because mistakes are being made.

Any solution is totally appreciated and welcomed because I'm at the end of this road. Thanks in Advance.


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That sounds like a frustrating situation. Rest assured, we can help with this. Since you're not able to log in to your account, the request will need to be escalated to our Accounts team who can manually verify the store, then update the email we have on file. 

To behind this progress, you'll need to navigate to our Help Center, manually search your question/issue, then select "continue" at the bottom of the page that displays the search results. As you do not have access to your store, you'll select the option to continue to support without logging in if prompted. 

Trevor | Community Moderator @ Shopify 
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