Change password page height on mobile

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So my password page for the computer is completly correct and exactly as it should be, but im experiencing a problem with the password page on the phone. IMG_5526.PNG

As you can see the march 2023 and the email sign up etc. are not in the middle. I have already change the top margin to 0px but it is still not exactly in the middle. Is there a way to change this for mobile only so it is exactly in the middle? IMG_5527.PNG

I want it to look like this but then of course with the 'Louver" logo up top.


I think this is because the height of the header on mobile phone is 2 lines big, and that is because i changed the position of 'enter using password' using coding. So it still thinks it is in de header but because of coding it is not there. 


Is there any way to solve this? By example changing page height for mobile phone or something?


Thanks in advance!

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