Change price on multiple items?

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Hi all, I’m trying to figure out if I can change the price of ALL of a type of products at once. For instance: I have some skirts I sell. I have them all listed as $25. There are two sizes, small and large. I want to change them all to $30. Do I have to do every size and every skirt individually? 


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Use the product bulk editor , in the products admin either filter by type or tag or make a collection made of products of those types,etc. 


Or export to CSV and use spreadsheet software to filter to rows of that type then edit prices 



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My name is Alison, I'm the Customer Success Specialist for Ablestar Apps.  We have an app called the Ablestar Bulk Product Editor (not to be confused with the Shopify bulk editor that Paul mentioned) that has some added functionality the Shopify bulk editor does not.  For example, in addition to be able to modify all  (or a subset of) your products at once, the app will also allow you to 'undo' edits at a later date.  This is especially helpful for setting up and ending sales.


This document will walk you through modifying the product prices by a percentage,  You can also change the price in the following ways:


Change by a fixed amount

Set to a fixed Value

increase by percent

decrease by percent

change by a percentage

set as a percentage of the compare at price field

set as a percentage of the cost


You can also edit products by spreadsheet, you can read more about that here,


The app also has a free version available that allows for 5 edits (n-app or spreadsheet) in any 30 day period, and each edit can consist of up to all the products on the store. 


If you have any questions about the app you can reach us at