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I don't sell on Amazon, I don't have anything on my shopify site that says anything about Amazon, but when I copy and paste one of my product page links, the preview that shows up says the product name, then the word 'Amazon'. How do I change this product page title? The first image below shows the issue:


When I go to my product page, the title and description does not say Amazon anywhere, and you'll see that the vendor is not 'Amazon', it's our company, 'Fyve, Inc.'. So where is this coming from? What setting do I change to remove the word Amazon?




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Hi Mindy,

Thank you for reaching out about this issue and sharing the screenshot of what you were seeing on your search engine. That is definitely odd that you were seeing Amazon in the title for the product on Google, I can understand your confusion!

First thing I want to assure you of is that when I searched for the product on Google, I did not see the Amazon name in the title of the product. Here is a screenshot of the first 3 Google listings I saw when I searched for your product:



(Great job on your SEO by the way!)

It looks like Google may have had an older version of your products indexed and hadn't updated the information for them in awhile. If you are still seeing the Amazon title next to the product in Google, I would recommend doing a full cache and cookie clear on your device and test it from another browser and internet connection. It would also be worthwhile to ask Google to reindex your store to help it keep up with any changes you are making or have made in the past. You can follow the link below to Google's developer docs to see how:

It can take a few weeks for Google to reindex your store's details, so you could end up seeing that incorrect title for a little bit before it changes. A way to get around that for this one product would be to duplicate it and delete the original listing, creating a new one for Google to index. I don't recommend that though unless for any reason you cannot see the updated product details on your end.

Let me know if you have any questions about indexing your site on Google or if this problem is persisting on your end.

- Shay

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 I too have this issue. Happens on newly added products as well as old. It must be something in the code. Any help Appreciated. I tried your suggestions but did not help.

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