Change the SALE and SOLD OUT button colours on the product cards on Craft theme

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I would like to change the colours of the Sale and Sold Out buttons on the product cards so that they're different. (the sale colours are currently grey on grey which is easy to miss)

I've tried a couple of css edits from other discussions about similar issues but they didn't work. Can anyone let me know what code to enter and customise and which asset file to put it in? 


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It sounds like you want to modify the product card sale badges on the collection page? If you're using one of the Shopify built themes then: 

You can change the badge color here: Theme Editor --> Settings --> Badges --> Sale badge color scheme/Sold out badge color scheme --> change


FYI, you can also change the badge position here: Theme Editor --> Settings --> Badges --> Position on cards




If you prefer to follow along visually, you can check out this video around the 01:55 mark (change badge position) and 02:30 mark (change badge color).

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