change warehouse location by customer

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  • most visitors come to the website and see inventory and order from our main warehouse
  • certain clients are given user accounts where they can log in, see inventory from a second warehouse, and place orders against that second warehouse 

I realize we can add locations in Shopify. But can we limit who can see inventory from each location?


The first warehouse is capable of shipping individual items. The second warehouse is based on bulk shipping. Most of our customers are buying one or two items. We do have wholesale accounts that will order multiple items at a time. We don't want our B2C customers to see the inventory in the second warehouse. And we don't want the wholesale clients draining the inventory in that first warehouse. 



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Hi @ccsachs,


I can consult with you and come up with a solution. We can use a fulfillment service app to assign orders to different inventory locations based on their customer profile or order attributes. 


Please PM me here in the community forums or send me a message at


Best regards,

Sam - Owner / Lead Developer 

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Hi @ccsachs 

It sounds like there are 2 things that needs to be solved:

  1. On the website/online store, configure the theme so that depending on Customer's tag, show inventory at a certain location/allow customers to buy from that location - This should be pretty easy to do be Shopify theme expert
  2. Depending on a Customer's tag, route orders to that specific location / warehouse - This is more complicated without an app. Luckily, Order Fulfillment Guru can set it up in 5 minutes. Simply create a Fulfillment priority rule based on Customer's tag and assign it to the correct location


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Thanks, everyone, who offered to help. After reviewing our needs, we were really looking for mulitple warehouses and multiple price points while hiding some stock from certain users. The best option could be a Shopify Plus account. However, we are not yet ready to add that much in monthly costs. So we set up a second Shopify store that is focused on B2B using the second warehouse. And we used a couple of apps to prevent consumers from accessing that store and to break up pricing so that certain level clients would see tag specific pricing. We may change back to a single site in the future, or add on the Plus system. But this seems to be working for now.