Changed Domain, Now none of my products are approved to google via Mismatched/Duplicate Domain

Changed Domain, Now none of my products are approved to google via Mismatched/Duplicate Domain

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Hello Everyone,


Hopefully, someone can get me back on track here. It would be very much appreciated!


As the title states, I changed my domain and am having issues syncing my products with merchant center. In Google Shopify admin, it shows that all of my products are in the 'not approved' status. Maybe new URL doesn't match the links in my file? new domain:


Issue 1:

Under 'my domains' I am keeping my old domain '' as secondary and under 'my domains' it is showing my primary domain and secondary domain accordingly. It also shows the prefixed www. versions, should I simply remove those or are they for redirect? Forgive me for my ignorance.


Issue 2:

Disconnect merchant center and reconnect? My secondary email is connected and my two gmail accounts are linked. Should simply disconnect my connected gmail account (secondary use) from merchant center and connect with my primary (the one that shows on merchant center account top right)? The last time I attempted something like this, I received an email from merchant center that my domain had been lost/ claimed by another.


Should I simply delete my previous feeds and resubmit/restart?

Any help on this is greatly appreciated, let me know if I need to provide more information.





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Thank you,

I disconnected and reconnected with the proper emails. The domains look fine, would you know how long does it typically take for the effects to show?

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You need to verify and claim your new website in GMC.

Go to Google Merchant Center > gear icon > business information > website

Here add the correct URL and claim and verify.


If you don't know how to claim, here is a guide:

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