Changing A Customer's Order?

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I apologize in advance if this has been covered somewhere else. I did a check and couldn't find it on the boards or in the wiki. Is there a way to edit a customer's order after it has been placed? We often have customers contact us after placing an order, needing to switch to a size larger or smaller, or to a different product entirely. Is there a way to edit the order via the admin, or do you have to cancel the entire order and tell the customer to create a new one? Thanks in advance, folks. PS - digging shopify so far!
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This is an accepted solution.

Note: Due to age and length of this thread I have marked my response as the solution. 

Hi all! Order editing is now available! 


To learn more check out this post, the Help Center and the Shopify Changelog.


Due to the length of this thread if you need assistance with this new feature please create a new topic referencing this topic providing as much detail as possible. Thanks! 


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Does anyone have a possible solution for this?  I need to be able to change an order as well.  We have customers that will make a correction to their order (usually a size) after its been placed.



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Hey Eric, if it is just a size then you can create a note for the order with the size change in the admin when in order view.

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Hello, just wanted to bump this up.  Pretty, pretty please could we edit existing orders someday?   Jamie's advice works in some ways, but to smoothly integrate with inventory I'd rather be able to manipulate the details of an existing order -- change quantities, add or delete a product, etc. 

I may be a bit more difficult than most, since I sell items -- meats -- that are priced per pound but never have the same two weights, even in the same product type.  Have thought of a few potential solutions:  I could cheat by editing an order's quantities to reflect total weight and thereby get the right prices... or better yet, have an extra column in the order table for weights, which I'd enter when the order is packed. Both of those would require being able to edit in the back end... and would make me the happiest person on the planet.

Love Shopify and have been lucky to get lots of help from Caroline, Charles Marsh and others along the way.  Thanks for your consideration.

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Hey, I am new on this site.Does anyone have a possible solution for this?because I have need to be able to change an order as well.Thanks in advance.

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I am going to bump this too because we frequently have to change a customer's address. Order Notes don't help because we rely on the exported .CVS to handle orders. 

Order notes are for low volume shops only.


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I'm in shock right now. I can't believe there's no way to edit an order. I really like this system, but I'm going to have to rethink this. How can you guys overlook such a feature? It's vital to any business. I get changes all the time and it's maddening that I can't edit an order.

Please guys, make this your top priority.

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So you're in shock? A person clicks buttons till they put what they want to buy in their cart, and then they buy it. And you want to change their order? Based on what exactly? They phone you and beg forgiveness for buying that Red shirt when they really wanted the blue one? 

Or how about, oops, I did not mean to buy and pay for 300 donuts, I only wanted a dozen. Me bad... please change my orders? 

You're operating e-commerce here, not a donut store... I can see the odd mistake creeping in, but to be begging for wholesale order editing is not typical e-commerce. 

Perhaps you're just not expressing what you really need to address your shop needs. Editing orders just seems wrong to me on many levels.


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Hunkybill - really? You wouldn't believe how many people want address corrections / changes. The fact that you can't edit these means that even if you do make a manual change and add a note in the control panel, the confirmation email still omits these changes creating even further confusion / sloppiness.

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If you want to change a customer's Address... go right ahead. The API now fully supports this. I am not sure that would help in the case of the address provided in an order in terms of Shipping Address or Billing Address since those cannot be edited, but you can certainly edit the customer info.


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