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Changing delivery method

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Good morning,

We are having a usability issue with fulfilling orders. Some of our local customers are selecting shipping instead of free local delivery. Thats fine, becuase we just refund them and they are happy. However, there is no way of changing the shipping method so we can not add them to the delivery route planning app in Shopify. 

Is there a way we can change the order from shipping to local delivery?


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please send a screenshot or the URL.that's I can help you.

thank you

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Hi steelbrewco,

If you are wanting to change shipping methods in order to use that order in the Shopify Local Delivery App, please consider trying out our EasyRoutes local delivery route planning app.

It lets you select from ALL your orders to create local delivery routes in seconds, so even if the method is Shipping, you can still surface that order to include it in a route.

We were a Shopify staff pick, are very well reviewed, and offer a free trial. Please check us out!

You can learn more at I hope this helps!

EasyRoutes Local Delivery ( - Local delivery superpowers for your Shopify store
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Did you ever get an actual response or solution for this as I am wondering the same, thanks 

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Hi @steelbrewco,

Apparently, you can't re-order the shipping options at the checkout by any means. And Shopify doesn't support changing the shipping methods also. I recommend this solution but they won’t address the problem thoroughly:

  • Go into your online store profile, in the translate section add a note in the subtotal line. Explain to your customers that they should choose local delivery if available. This isn't ideal as the customer doesn't always read the message.

The only option left is to use Shopify third-party apps that let you create multiple rules-based scenarios so you always deliver exactly which shipping method you want for every situation.

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You can use a shipping script that verifies the client's address, and if it is local, just display your local shipping option.

Hope this helps.

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Is there an example of this you can share?

Looking to have customer select this option on cart/checkout page.  Changing the ship method seems hard for some cutomeres

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here you can find some examples:

Hope this helps!

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