Changing my Store's name, legal information, and EIN number

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I have been attempting to get this information through the Chat team since December 30th.

Our Store has been offline since we began looking to make the transfer on December 20th. This process has been terribly disappointing. Is there any way someone would be able to assist me with the paperwork or contact information for the PAYMENTS TEAM to make this happen? 

We started a new LLC because the website has exceeded our wildest expectations. We would like to stop piggybacking on a previously owned business entity and give this new one a chance to blossom. We just need some assistance in making the transfer.

Its been 10 days now since we have been able to sell anything. Chat for Shopify is absolutely a waste of time as it relates to this issue. 

Thank you so much for your assistance.

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Hi... Did you ever get this resolved? I have been trying to reach the support for this exact reason but so far there is no solution. For us, we haven't launched our store yet but realized we should start a new LLC. However, initially, we did piggyback as a DBA on our other LLC. But now we want to move to our dedicated LLC for the Shopify store. If anyone knows how to get this done please do let us know. Thanks!