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Changing Prices

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Is it possible to change prices for all my products just by multiplying with an exchange rate.

Example: In Lebanon our Lebanese lira rate to the dollar is fluctuating day by day

Can I price my items in USD (hidden) and multiply by the daily rate and only the number equivalent to that shows up under each product?

Item price: 5$ x 15000 = 75000.

75000 is the price shown under the product

the price in dollars is hidden.

Not sure if I got my idea through.

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The store can only have one default currency. If you're wanting to have your store in USD, but show prices in your local country, then using a currency switcher would be the most ideal setup. However; the checkout will still charge your customer in your stores' default currency (USD). It would be up to your customers' bank to process the currency conversion. 

It is not currently possible to update pricing based on the going exchange rates outside of using a currency switcher app. 

Trevor | Community Moderator @ Shopify
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I have the same problem, actually we do not need to set our store currency to dollars. We need to set it to local currency and somehow find a automatic price multiplier app or code. 

Then we can add our prices in dollars but outcome can be automatically at our local currency.


store currency set to local currency

product price entered (as dollars)  x automatic currency exchange rate = displayed and checkout price at local currency

I don't know why support doesn't help us with it.