Re: Changing the default language of the store (for the customer)

Changing the default language of the store (for the customer)

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I created my store in English and created a second language for the store  (Estonian) using TranslationLab. Now I have the store in 2 languages: English and Estonian. I would like the store to open in the translated language for the clients, not in the language I initially created the store (English).

Is there a way to change the language in which the customer sees the store without manually switching the language?

I have the language switcher and it is possible to switch to the translated language, but the main market is not English speaking, therefore it is not the ideal solution. And as I understand it's too late to change the theme language into Estonian, because then it will change my English store into Estonian as well? 


I hope there is an easy solution for this:)


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Yes, maybe you can use the Geolocation feature to help users localize better.

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Hey @KadriValentiina


Welcome to the Shopify Community! Happy to have you here. 


From my understanding you want Estonian to be your main language, but to still have English available. The best option will be to swap the languages; have Estonian be your theme language and then use your translation app for English. 


Although I understand you didn’t want to go that route, it would require you to change the theme language manually. If you go with this, our Translating themes help doc will explain how to do this.


Alternatively, you could contact the developer of the translation app you are using or check out any help documentation they have to see if there is an option to set a default language. Their app might be able to override the theme language and immediately show your shop in Estonian instead. 


You can contact the app developer from your Shopify admin by going to Apps then clicking  Get Support across from the app name. They’d be able to help you out and confirm what features you can leverage from their app.


There is also the option to use International Domains. This feature is available on the Shopify plan ($79USD) or higher. It would allow you to utilize subdomains for different languages, for example for your site in English and for Estonian. This would be another good option for you.


Let me know if you need me to clarify anything! 

Jacqui | Community Moderator @ Shopify
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Hi Jacqui,

can you elaborate more on how it is possible to solve this issue by using the international domain?

We have the same issue, we want to swap 2 languages without going through a mess or impacting on sales, seo etc...


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Hi @KadriValentiina, how did you end up solving this? We're in a similar situation and are using the geolocation app. This however slows down the browsing speed of people coming to our store.

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