Changing to Shopify POS and using my current Card machine & merchant bank

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I want to sign up with Shopify, but need this confirmed if anyone can help, that would be very kind.


I'll cancel my current POS and start with Shopify for my Bricks and Mortar POS & Online Store.  however, for my in store shop, with real customers coming in and paying with their debit/credit cards, can I continue to use my current card machine (Pax A920 the white one) and my merchant being Barclays? I'm presuming the transactions go through shopfiy to log inventory to say something is sold but no digital stuff, it's just logged?  It's just that I'm in contract with these so have to use them for another 2 years, so there would be no point changing to Shopify if so.


As for ONLINE - 'm guessing the online payments are done through Shopify and I have to set that up when I join?




The Woolpatch

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