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We sold an item to a customer at a booth in a festival on the street on a weekend.  We used Shopify POS to receive payment.  Therefore, we do not have the customer's contact info.  The customer submitted the transaction as a fraud to his credit card company and we received the chargeback.  How do I contact the customer to remind him/her that he had bought an item from us on a street fair festival?  Does shopify have the customer's contact or the cardholder's contact? 



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If customer contact information wasn't collected at the time of the order, then it wouldn't be possible to obtain it at a later time unless the customer contacted you directly. Shopify won't have the contact information as we only relay that a dispute has been opened up against you and provide a means to submit evidence to the dispute. In this case, your best step is to submit as much information as possible about the situation so the banks can review it further. Once evidence is submitted, the banks will take up to 90 days to determine the outcome of the dispute. More information on the chargeback process can be found here

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