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Shopify does nothing but be friendly to banks with regards to Chargebacks. My case appears that Shopify received $$ back from customer bank and still holding my funds $295.

Anybody else have chargeback resolution issues? Details of my situation below:

Store Order #BB2628

1. Post customer order, Slight delay in shipping product to customer. I was in touch with the customer. Offered full refund or ship the product.

2. We eventually shipped product and I issued the customer a $50 refund for the trouble.

3. Prior to receiving product, Customer got anxious and filed a chargeback with their bank.

4. I responded to Chargeback claim on Shopify site. I also spoke to customer once they received the product and they went to their bank and reversed their Claim.

5. Prior to Shopify charging my store $295 chargeback plus a fee, Shopify had access to both the refund amount $50 and the shipment tracking delivery confirmation. They still charged my store for the chargeback. see below

6. I filed a claim on Shopify site to dispute the charge back. They mention a 75 days response time although the bank appears to have sent fund$ to Shopify back in July.

6. Like many here, Shopify explained today they are middlemen and nothing to due with the process. #nottrue

7. I reached out to customer today and they sent me a screenshot of the reversal from 2 months ago. *see below ("-" numbers are credits and "+" are charges)

Shopify!!! Give me my money. You make enough off of us.



Client Bank screen shot



Dispute Info






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Hi, @!

We appreciate you sending through those screenshots and providing feedback. Chargebacks are an unfortunate reality of running an online store so this is never an ideal situation to be placed in.

Evidence is extremely important in cases like this. Your customer has advised you that they cancelled the chargeback so the best step here is to have the customer provide documentation (bank statement screenshots are not always reliable).

The documentation provided by the customer must include all the following:

  • It must be on official bank letterhead
  • It must display the case number
  • It must confirm the original charge date/amount
  • It must confirm the shop/business name 
  • It must confirm that the chargeback has been cancelled, the funds have been re-debited from the customer's account and most importantly that the funds have been returned to you. 

Once you're able to obtain the documentation above, you can contact our live support here and they will be able to escalate this through to the appropriate team for you.

The customer may have cancelled the chargeback but it doesn't necessarily mean their bank has informed our processing partners of this. Until that notification is provided to us, the system will not update the chargeback in the order admin. We do want to have this resolved for you so I would definitely get onto obtaining that proof from the customer. You can also take a look at our Chargeback Help Centre Guide for future reference!

Nia | Social Care @ Shopify 
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@Shopify There was no bank letter. Customer went into branch and withdrew/reversed the claim. They are issuing a letter, it’s all digital.

Provide me with the bank letter that initiated the request!?!?

maybe you folks could any work on this!?!? Zero effort.

-You had proof before, during and after. Zero effort.

-Can you confirm bank did not send you my funds?

-You charged me a chargeback fee after you had delivery evidence.

-Why can’t you contact bank? Provide me with bank contact info if you are too lazy?

Stores pay you billion$ so maybe you share the risk and effort? You had delivery evidence before you took my $$…lazy = @@shopify 



store owner ready to switch platforms

*your functionality for changing ship to addresses is horrible. Shopify gets paid by UPS and you offer no portal functionality to support intercept


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Shopify Staff
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Hi @Kcotter 

I appreciate your feedback and I know that dealing with chargebacks is never a fun experience. I would like to provide some additional information for yourself, and other merchants in a similar position, so that you can better understand the process and Shopify's part in it. 

When a customer opens a chargeback against a payment they have made the bank reviews the viability of their claim and if they agree that the claim can be investigated they will automatically withdraw the funds from the receiving account (merchant account). Shopify has no control over this action and the withdrawal of the funds from the merchant account is not something we are able to approve or deny. The banking institute has full access and rights to perform that kind of withdrawal when a chargeback is created with them. 

Once the funds have been withdrawn and the chargeback notice has been sent to the merchant account, a feedback form becomes available within the order details. The evidence submitted is not reviewed by Shopify at all, the evidence submitted goes to the customer's bank directly for review. Shopify is just the intermediary, allowing the transfer of information and evidence between yourself and the bank. We are not involved in the decision making process at all. 

The evidence is reviewed alongside the type of chargeback the customer has opened. Once the bank comes to it's decision it finalizes the chargeback and either refunds the customer for their charge or returns the funds to the merchant account. 

There are multiple forms of a chargeback, not all in relation to whether the customer received the item. You can learn more about the different chargeback types here: Chargebacks and inquiries · Shopify Help Center

 If your customer cancelled the chargeback with their bank they will be able to ask for a physical notice of this that they can provide to the merchant as proof. Once you have received a copy of this statement from the customer's bank our team can cancel the chargeback process. Until that notice from the bank is provided, we will be unable to remove the chargeback and you will need to wait until the bank finishes processing this on their end. 

Also in regards to your feedback about UPS and their integration with Shopify - The UPS integration is fully powered and supported by UPS themselves. If you would like access to a merchant portal to manage your UPS shipping labels I would recommend submitting that feedback to UPS directly. They will need to create that integration and make it available. 

If you have additional questions about this, please let me know. I am happy to answer any questions you might have or receive any feedback you want to share about the platform. 

Shay | Support Advisor @ Shopify 
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