Charged $281 for a refunded order! Why is Shopify stealing from small business owners??

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I was a shopify user from 2013-2019 then I took a break. I knew when I got back into e-commerce I was 100% going to use Shopify. It took months to build and perfect my high ticket website. I was so excited to get my first sale of $7200, but sadly within 24 hours I spoke to the customer and they requested a refund. I didn't panic and I wasn't sad because I know that refudns are a huge part of e-commerce. BUT I TOTALLY FREAKED OUT when my debit card was charged $281 for the processing fees associated with that order. I cannot run an e-commerce store that costs me that much money to process a refund!!! I have seen some older posts with people making this complaint, but my question is, what are some payment gateways that will refund the entire order?


Shopify, this is an abomination! Stop scamming small businesses out of processing fees! REFUND THE ENTIRE ORDER!

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YEP! I created a new store - Had $3000 in sales. They decided to flag my new store, after days and days of sending them the correct documents , I had enough and decided to refund my customers. Then shopify sends me an email saying sorry we cant support your business. I look today after refunding my customers, I am negative -350 for fees that they cant be bothered to return to the customer and are charging me for. after they hold my payouts, and i refund all customers. They are CROOKS!