Check if a customer have made a new order after the flow is started.

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I really hope someone here knows how to set up Automatic Email/Flow for this situation.


We would like to send users an email when they purchase a specific product, and we've managed to do that. However, we want to send them a follow-up email after XX days if they haven't placed a new order since their first one. The reason behind this is that, at that point, we typically expect users to make additional purchases, and we hope this can help them remember our brand more effectively.


We've attempted the following logic:

Order / Customer / Last Order / Processed At

is greater than



But it seems to only add a date to the Run Log.


If any of you have experience with setting up such a flow, we would greatly appreciate your guidance on how to achieve this.


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Hello @nmasters , You can achive this type of feature via custom coding easily. Simply, you'll need to track the last order date of the customer and you can even add the logic if the customer has purchased the specific product from the store. Then, simple logic after XX days, send a follow-up email to the customer. If the budget is a hurdle, then I recommend exploring some apps, maybe you find one that already has this feature built-in. 


Please feel free to ping me back if you need further assistance in this regard.



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Hi Osama,

Thank you for the feedback. However, for now, we would like to explore the possibility of achieving this through Flow. At this point, we prefer not to add another app.

Once again, thanks for your input.


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You may want to try the "Post-Purchase Thank You" automation template as a starting point. It's "Order Created" > "Wait X Days" ... etc. Navigate to Marketing > Automations > "Post-Purchase Thank You". Hope this helps!

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Hi Nadia,


Thanks for the feedback. However, this doesn't check whether the customer has actually placed an order after the flow started. The reason we'd like to implement this is to ensure that we send the correct email/information to the customer, rather than a generic one.


Nonetheless, I appreciate your input. 😊


Thanks, Jacob

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After the wait time add a condition that checks if the last order is the same as the one that triggers the flow.

If order.createdAt
Equal to order.customer.lastOrder.createdAt
then... do whatever


Change the "Equal" or "not equal to" depending on what you want.