Re: Check if account exist when customers login

Check if account exist when customers login

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Hey everyone,

I wanted to bring something to your attention. It seems that some of our customers have been having trouble logging into the store. After looking into it, I realized that some of them haven't created accounts yet.

I was wondering if there's a way we can make the login unsuccessful message more user-friendly by saying "Account does not exist" when an account hasn't been created yet?

Also, I noticed that the reset password feature isn't working as expected. It doesn't indicate when an email doesn't exist and doesn't send a reset email either. Can we look into fixing this as well?

Thanks for your help in making our store as user-friendly as possible!

Everyone deserves a win!
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Hi @jayanetty  did you check if those accounts do no exist or they are just not active? Maybe that is the problem your customers have, when they register on the store, they receive an email in which they should activate/confirm their profiles. 🙂

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Hi @MarinaPetrovic, they are not active. We recently added Smile for loyalty points and notified the customers via a newsletter and everyone wants to login thinking they have activated the accounts. 

So currently we added a banner saying "You will need to sign-up if you don't receive a password reset email" on the reset page. But ideally they should receive an error message saying they are not registered when they try to reset the password or try to login.

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Any luck on getting this figured out?  I'm having the same issue and its incredibly frusterating for customers.

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Hello Jayanetty,

If you want all your website users to subscribe to your store website, I have two solutions for this

1.  One is you can create a simple pop-up subscribe form on the home page, it's not removed till the user does not subscribe if the user has already an account then it's a simple login form open. 
For this, you need a developer.

2.  Second you can arrange a sale collection page that is only visible for subscribed customers, if not you can show subscribe form to unsubscribe users.

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We are also struggling with reset password page not indicating weather account using given email exists. It always shows green message confirming sending the reset email but if account doesn't exist it obviously doesn't send reset email. Leading to confused customers. Is this a bug or a setting somewhere we are missing?