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Hi there, the last 2 days I've seen a higher than normal amount of adds to cart and reaching checkout, but for some reason, they aren't showing up in abandoned carts on Shopify or Klayvio.


Does anyone know why this is? Also — any recommendations on how to get customers to actually purchase?


(The conversion rate analytics are from Monday and Tuesday. Abandoned carts aren't registering anything from those days).


I also tested a checkout myself and my abandoned cart showed up right away.


Screenshot 2023-04-11 at 12.19.09 AM.jpegScreenshot 2023-04-11 at 12.19.30 AM.jpegScreenshot 2023-04-11 at 12.19.00 AM.jpeg

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Hi! As a co-founder of a conversion rate optimization platform, I have a few suggestions to reduce cart abandonment rate. These are general best practices. If you could share your webpage, then we could have a closer look.


1) Are you using a multi-step checkout? Show the customer every single checkout step, clearly distinguish the review step, and allow users to edit order data without moving backwards in the flow.


2) In case of accordion checkout - always summarize completed steps into concise summaries (which can also be styled as secondary and optimized for height), while ensuring that users' expectations for the back button are met. Additionally, consider automatically taking users to the top of new steps when they load, and use animations to visually demonstrate the collapsing and expanding of steps.


3) When implementing a one-step checkout, pay close attention to utilizing the available form field simplification features effectively. Organize the page into sub-sections for improved user comprehension and avoid non-linear sub-flows. Evaluate if a single step aligns with your users' expectations for reviewing their order before submission, considering their desired level of order review.


4) Present the complete order cost in the cart, inclusive of item cost, shipping, taxes, and fees.
Alternatively, if displaying the exact cost is not feasible, provide a cost estimate that clearly outlines the basis for the estimate.

5) Use cross-selling functions.

For anymore insights you can also visit our page CRO Audits - CONVERSIONTIGERS.
We have blog posts regarding ecommerce topics and also demo audits available for browsing and ideation for you, with the emphasis on user experience and increasing conversion rate. For any further questions, just drop us an e-mail 🙂
Kauri Ääremann,
Conversiontigers / CEO

Best regards,
Kauri Ääremann, MSc
Conversiontigers, CEO