Checkout cart empty *** Urgent ***

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When we add item to cart and go to checkout then suddenly cart getting empty.

Its not happening all the time but sometimes when we add item to cart and come on cart page after few minutes and go to checkout then cart items getting empty.

Can someone please help me for this issue as this is loosing our sales. I have attached snapshot with empty cart on checkout.

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Sorry you are facing this issue, it would be my pleasure to help you.

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Thanks for your good question.

Please share your site URL,
I will check out the issue and provide you a solution here.

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Hello i have the same problem can any one help me please

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Looking at the image that from the original post - it's not a Shopify native checkout. It looks more like Recharge (or similar). If that's the case have you followed up with them as well to ensure there's no issue?


If you're not sure what checkout it is there's a quick test. Add things to cart and go to checkout. Look at the url. That should give you some clues!

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