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I need help regarding this, How can I Set the tick box option at checkout, agreeing to terms and conditions

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If you are not a Shopify Plus merchant, you won't be able to access the checkout.liquid file so it should happen at the cart level instead.

If you are a Shopify Plus then you can use the new checkout extension feature OR do it with a custom JS function.


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Hi there,

Regarding your question on how to set up a tick box for agreeing to terms and conditions at checkout, we have a handy app called "AgreeBox" that does just that. It's specifically designed for Shopify stores and works seamlessly with Shopify Plus.

With AgreeBox, you can add a mandatory checkbox for terms and conditions acceptance right at the checkout. It's pretty user-friendly – you can drag and drop to position the checkbox either above or below on the checkout page. Plus, it can also record date and time of customer agreement for each order.

To get started, simply install the "AgreeBox" app from the Shopify app store. Here's the link for easy access: AgreeBox on Shopify App Store.

Hope this helps, and best of luck with your store!

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