Checkout UI Extension Not Rendering: Purchase.Checkout.Cart-Line-Item.Render-After

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Hello everyone,


I got an issue regarding a Checkout UI Extension that I built to implement an upselling widget. Within the extension I defined two targets that should be rendered to: One is a dynamic block target and the other is a static cart line item target.





The block target renders the upselling widget which works perfectly fine. The cart line item target on the other hand should render a remove button underneath each line item that was added via the upselling widget.


That one is also rendering and working as it should within the development preview. But once I deploy the app and turn off the preview mode, the cart line item target won't render anymore at all.


This is how the extension renders in the development preview with npm run dev running:




But once I deactivate the development store preview and kill the dev script the remove button won't render anymore:




Seemingly it isn't even attempting to render the cart line item component since any console logs inside of it are not being triggered. If I add console logs within the widget component they appear just as expected on the other hand.


Any help would be greatly appreciated since I really start to feel desperate about this issue.


Thank you!

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Accidentally posted this on the wrong board, but can't find a way to remove it anymore.