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is there any app which will show google map on checkout page, where customer can locate their address on map and according to google map address will be taken for that order.

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Hi @j_Yogesh 

You can take a look at this app: Ship Sketch
The app allows customers to drop a pin marking their location on a map at checkout. 
You can learn more here:
And check the demo site:
Pass: demo

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Hi @j_Yogesh , you could achieve this by using the app Wayfinder.
The app allows you to insert a Google Maps anywhere on your site and let your customers pin drop their delivery locations. The checkout page is off-limits though, given shopify restrictions. But you could embed the map on your cart page and require your users to pin a location in order to proceed to checkout, the app allows for that functionality. The locations are then stored as latitude and longitude coordinates in your order notes in the shopify admin, once the order has been completed. Hope this helped!