Checkouts are not available for this store.

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Our Shopify development store encountered such weird issue 2 days ago. Just can't finish the checkout process. Could anyone help with this?





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This really isn't a solution and shouldn't be marked as such.


Development stores are supposed to emulate the functionality of managed/live stores. This restriction makes development stores distinctly different from managed stores and prevents developers from creating integrations that follow merchant workflows that utilise draft orders. The restriction seemingly flies in the face of Shopify being an open platform where developers can create third party integrations.


The real and only solution to this issue is to rebuild the development store every time you reach the draft order hard limit set by Shopify.

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Hi We have encountered this today...

I read somewhere that I need to rebuild the test shop as it is limited to 50 trasactions.... Is that so?
I am asking beacuse we have built diffrent integrations etc...


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Indeed. There's a silent 50-order limit for development stores. I'm not sure what you mean under transactions (the transaction entities?) where I'm quite sure you can have more of those 🙂 It's just the order entities that are limited.


You'll just have to bite the bullet and create a new store (with some extra effort you can probably carry over the products/customers).


The error they give in this case i cryptic for a reason I'd take to fight some kind of abuse that has not been publicly disclosed.


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Hi @atlasalpine and @PRC1 


I just wanted to clarify that previously there was a 50 live order/transaction limit available for development stores but that no longer is the case. 


It is not a secret and it isn't hidden. 


All transactions and orders made on a development store must go through the actual checkout using a test or bogus gateway. The option for draft order creations in a development store is not available at all.


I am still sharing feedback on this topic with our developers, so please don't hesitate to share how this change may impact your app development. 

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A better solution for detecting misuse of stores should be found. It's a lame attempt, that mainly frustrates developers. 
Creating through API means that things could be unexpectedly coded/missed causing errors when later introduced to production.
Using the checkout is tedious with too much click and type interaction. 
A workflow with draft orders is much faster for development. The only downside is Pickup orders cant be tested with this method. 


I try hard to get on with Shopify but every corners theres something to bite you.