Choosing the 3rd gateway payment for selling alcohol subscription

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Hi Shopify community,
I'd like to ask you if you know a 3rd gateway payment for the UK market which allows selling alcohol using the subscription plugin Bold.
As you know Stripe, Paypal and Shopify Payments don't allow selling restricted products.

Any suggestions are very welcome, thanks

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None of these platforms make it easy for online alcohol sales, but you can actually in fact contact Paypal and Shopify and ask for verification to make alcohol transactions/payments.

You will need to have to show your businesses registration docs and licensing to sell alcohol in your area. If you provide delivery service via a third party courrier, you need them to create a letter stating that they have a age verification system in place for when they make deliveries.

If you deliver alcahol in the mail, it will be most likely that you won't be approved.

Hope this helps!

Aaron from