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I need to verify something.
In order to to have the option in the checkout to only show specific cities in dropdown list i have to upgrade to Shopify Plus? 


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Hi @Dan_Katorza,


This can be done without upgrading to Shopify Plus. You can select the Shipping to specific places so that countries and cities can be limited on the Checkout page.


Hope it helps! 

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Thanks for the reply,
I have checked this several times with Shopify.
There is no option for this.

You have to install 3rd party apps and even then it will not affect the
city field in the checkout.

Shopify respond is that you can not edit the city field unless you have
Shopify Plus.

You might be able to do this if you ship in the U.S or Canada, but for us
in the middle east there is no solution, especially when we do not use here
zip/postal codes for shipping, only cities.

Not all of us can afford Shopify Plus or actually need all its features, so
this is very upsetting.

My current store is in Shopify but this year we are switching to some local

Not abeling to let our customers select specific city has cost us a lot in
abendoned carts.

Thank you.

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hello dear as you said above if you can guide how to add city list

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In the Philippine market, I hope that when customers fill in the address, a drop-down box will appear in the city field to ensure that the address information is standardized. What should I do?

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How Can I make a dropdown for the city name?