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I want to enable my customers to collect from several markets which I attend.

i need to list 10 markets. I am on basic plan so I can list 4 locations. I can increase my plan, but as the business is new the cost just isn’t viable and the increase would be more than sales generates.

can anyone offer and workaround as a quick fix eg is there a way to use the comments box.


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Hey, @Anne081072! Welcome to Shopify Community!

The best workaround you can do to allow pickups from a number of locations beyond what's included in your plan is to set up a free shipping rate that you can specify as a pickup option and name as the location. Customers can then select this option and their preferred location at the shipping page at checkout; and you'll see this as their shipping preference within the order page in the admin, as illustrated by the following screenshots from a test store.




You can follow the steps below to add a free shipping rate and carry out the workaround.

  1. In your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Shipping and delivery.
  2. Click Manage beside the shipping profile you're using.
  3. Scroll down to your shipping zones, then click Add rate.
  4. Select Set up your own rates.
  5. Under Rate name, enter the name of the pickup option (e.g. "Pickup – Location name")
  6. Leave the price at 0.
  7. Click Done, then click Save.

Repeat the steps until you add all locations.

A downside to this workaround is that you can only work with one central location for inventory or the four locations included in your Basic plan. You aren't able to assign independent inventory for each of the 10 markets. If this is how your inventory is already configured however, that shouldn't be a problem. Another disadvantage is that you aren't able to utilize the pickup notifications in the admin. You'll need to manually and externally inform or contact the customer when their pickup is ready.

If you move forward with this workaround, don't forget to specify the pickup terms in the order confirmation email that goes out to your customer after placing an order. You can inform them of the estimated pickup time and the address of the location there. Feel free to follow the steps in this guide to edit the confirmation email.

Besides adding free shipping rates, you can also use an app to set up the pickup option. The advantage of using an app is the advanced features. Pickup apps are commonly paid, that's why it wasn't my first recommendation, however, I found an app that's being offered for free for the first 60 days to the first 50 merchants who get to install it. This app allows customers to specify pickup dates and add unlimited locations, among many other features. If this is something you would like to try, you can check out the app on this page.

These are great temporary solutions to your concern, but as your business grows where pickup orders may ramp up, you might want to look into streamlining your fulfillment process. Upgrading your plan can sound costly but it can bring in more benefits and features (such as additional locations and automated inventory management) that will help you save time and offer customers a better shopping experience. If you come to a point where you're ready to look into taking your business to the next level, feel free to go over our pricing plan to compare their features.

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