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How do I get the images in my hero carousel on my homepage to be clickable? 

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  1. Locate the HTML code for your hero carousel on your homepage. This code is typically found within your theme's homepage template file.

  2. Identify the HTML element that represents each image in the carousel. This might be an <img> tag or a container element that holds the image.

  3. Wrap the image or the container element with an anchor <a> tag to create a clickable link. Set the href attribute of the anchor tag to the desired destination URL. Here's an example:


<a href="">
  <img src="image1.jpg" alt="Image 1">


  1. Replace "" with the actual URL you want to link to. The <img> tag represents the image you want to make clickable.

  2. Repeat the same process for each image in your hero carousel, wrapping them with anchor tags and setting the appropriate href attributes.

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