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Cloning a Site with Shopify SSO for Development

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Hi All,

The company I'm working with has the Shopify SSO plug-in for their Moodle installation (hosted on AWS). They would like to clone the instance as a development but apparently when this has been tried in the past, Shopify sent a significant number of emails to all their clients (welcome, registration, orders).

So, looking for some advice as how to approach this the right way and probe for some more details:

  • Is cloning an EC2 instance a viable option to achieve this?
  • If so, how can I prevent existing customers from getting flooded with emails like its a new site? Specifically, what is/was the trigger that made Shopify think they were new? The "from" ip? Server hostname or apache endpoint? (the person(s) who tried this in the past are no longer available to ask exactly what they did)
  • If cloning is a viable option, if I keep the apache side the same (sites-available) and make no changes to the core config, would that do it? (I can put it on a different port behind a load balancer)
  • If not, is the development store the right way to go with doing a full installation with SSO and all the other plug-ins and config manually?

I'm comfortable on the AWS side, so I don't need any assistance on that front, its just the magic with the Shopify/SSO integration that is a grey area for me. Typically, I would just disable the plug-in before I clone it, but since its the authentication method I'm concerned I'll lock myself out.

I sent this same question to Shopify support and they sent me here. <shrug>

Thank you in advance!


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