Closing account, Holding the payouts, and No refund (basicly stealing my customers) what to do?

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What should I do? please help me!


I have had the worst experience with Shopify. Conversations with the Shopify Merchant Trust Team have been going on for a month with no hope. mostly, they don't respond, and by the end, they steal my customers.


Shopify stopped my store without telling me clear objective reasons, they have held the payouts and refused to refund my customers.  I have been receiving requests from my customers to refund them due to not fulfilling the orders; these requests have been done through Shopify itself! Even some of them have contacted their banks to complain, but the bank said that the transaction was valid and successful, and they have to contact the seller for a refund.
Strangely, some of the customers have contacted Shopify, and Shopify customer service referred them to contact the seller, which is me. This shows a lack of internal communication in Shopify.
How could they take my money (payouts), not refund the customers, and ask the customers to contact me to return their money?!
I need Shopify to refund my customers. Please tell me what should I do.







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