closing store without any reasons

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I just got a email stating the termination of my website under Section 14.3 Malicious and deceptive practices. 


I am very very confused by all of this... I hired a professional from Fiver (highly rated) to help me create a dream website. He had just handed me the ownership of the website and was in a process of buying the basic plan. My website was planned to sell dog related products for a particular breed.


What malicious and deceptive practices did your department find that could be harmful etc? We have worked very hard on this website to make sure everything is within the Shopify Terms and Services. I have just emailed back to the email for more clarification. Please can you help we tired of this 

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And another one. Were you ever able to resolve this, and get your dog store up and running? I'm sure you invested good money into having someone design you a site.