Cloudflare Doesn't Work With Shopify?

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I have Cloudflare and love it for its utilities like Transform Rules and Redirect Rules (and Page Rules).


But, now that I have moved to Shopify, Cloudflare says my DNS is DNS Only, causing me to lose all the best features of  Cloudflare?


Does Shopify have their own Transform Rules and Redirect Rules settings we can take advantage of, or is Shopify content with having their users see no benefit of being with Cloudflare?


All feedback appreciated.

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Hello @wooflinen,


Unfortunately, Shopify is already partnered with Cloudflare and has a lot of limitations to avoid conflicts. So you should consider Shopify apps for your particular needs. It means any app is not capable to assist with the functionality like "Transform Rules and Redirect Rules (and Page Rules)" BUT if you have particular needs - there are apps that can cover all or part of them.

Please, let me know if you need assistance.




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Hey Wooflinen, I'd love to hear about what you're looking for in more detail as I'm building in this space. Please feel free to shoot me a message on whatsapp- +61 448 434 872