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Cloudflare Subdomain Setup

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Hi there,

I'm having some issues with one of my clients domain setups. They are using Cloudflare as their DNS host and we are using subdomains for the Shopify sites. Their current main domain is pointed to their Wordpress and has to stay that way. I originally set up the DNS settings with an A record pointing the sub domain to Shopify IP (au @ and then a CNAME ( @ The au sub domain was the first site we launched last week and for some reason whenever a customer went to the site and entered www. they were getting a security error on their browser. I played around with it and removed the CNAME record and added another A record with the www ( @ and now it works fine which is odd. We launched the NZ site last night and I copied the settings I had for the AU site but now the isn't working again and having security errors but it's fine without www.

I don't think it's an actual SSL issue as I've had the sub domains linked to Shopify for like 2-3 weeks so the SSL certs should have been issued already. 

Any help would be appreciated!

Main Domain -

Shopify sub Domains -

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Hi there. could you solve this? How?