CNAME error =>

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Hi, I am facing issue in connecting my ext Domain to Shopify.

I am using a domain from Gandi and followed all steps to register DNS on it.

IP is Ok but CNAME www. is wrong.


I tried to find help on FAQ and by Email without answer.


Is someone could kindly hemp me to explain what I could do to fix it ?







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Hi there @CGid18.


Based on the second screenshot you've shared it looks like you've set up your DNS records correctly to connect it to Shopify. I see your CNAME is and your A-record is so this is correct.




As long as you are following this guide here to connect your domain to Shopify your domain should start directing to your website correctly. That being said, any changes to DNS settings can take up to 48 hours to fully update so you will want to wait at least 48 hours to see if the change has worked.


I noticed it's been over 48 hours since you've posted this question so please don't hesitate to reply back if you are still having trouble with your domain. I'd be happy to continue looking into this with you.

Erin | Shopify 
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Hi! I got the exact same error with a domain. I have the correct A and Cname set, but I see the same error for cname when I click on Verify Domain in Shopify. Should I just wait 48h and it should fix itself? 

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i have the exact same issue, i see that there is no real answer or solution here is there any way i could get help/an answer to this?


thank you so much in advance.