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I need to have a different email go as a confirmation to the customer when they choose Bank Transfer option.   The email that is sent now says "you order is being processes..."   I need the email to be accurate for this type of order.   I am hoping to send them a notice that the order needs to be paid and the bank transfer instructions.   Can anyone help with this or have experience with bank transfer orders that has a solution?


THank you!

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You can customize your email template using liquid and the following Notification Variables available in Shopify email templating system.


You can use for example the variable unique_gateways to show different messages to the user based on the payment gateway used.

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thank you for your reply.   you seem like you may be able to help with the problem I face as it has I have some more insight now.         I have an app that creates a draft order when you choose pay by invoice or request a quote.   simply said that app creates a draft order at that time but it bypasses the email sent to customer at that time.   two things I am trying to accomplish with may be solved along your same thought above:

One:  I have to manually click send invoice in order to have an email sent (which I customized already).   I am trying to find a way to automate that and the Flow app didn't help.   

Two:  Even after I send the invoice the order doesn't show up in the customer's account at all in orders or an invoice or anything.

What is alarming is that when a customer places an order to pay by invoice or request a quote it as if the order disappeared from the customer's point of view.   Unless I am on my computer at that time they get no email and their account does't mention they ever created an order.   


Any suggestions would be appreciated since Shopify thinks it's okay to not show the order in the customer's account until it is paid and full and I mark it as such.