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Hi Everyone!

I had a Shopify expert help me change a few things on my website and he is no longer around to help me with an error I am getting now that he changed these few things. None of them having to do with the footer of my page. I am receiving this error on the very bottom of my website footer on EVERY PAGE. 

Liquid error (layout/theme line 221): Could not find asset snippets/spurit_uev-theme-snippet.liquid 

I have searched everywhere and cant figure out what this would be for and if this is something that I can just comment out of the code or not. But what is bugging me is I cant think what it should be that is there in that very bottom left of my footer page. I think the code seems right and not broken. And I know if the file is missing or deleted in my snippet section that most likely is the issue but I would not even know what to put back there to make it link properly. I attached a few images to show it all. I even found a line in my assests section that I attached as it is the only close thing I could find to the error.

Capture 2.JPG

Capture 3.JPG


Hoping someone can help me out on this. Thanks

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Hi @Focused4ever 

Please create a new spurit_uev-theme-snippet file in Snippets or remove the code you mentioned in the 1st image to solve it.



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Hi @Focused4ever your right that it's not technically bad code it's just referencing that missing snippet.

"spurit" makes several types of apps for upsell , a/b testing and other services 

Always backup themes before changing files

So if your not using one of their apps the code should be safe to remove.

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