Collecting Birthdays in Shopify

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Ive seen various posts and this looks like an impossibility.  Why Shopify does not have a specific field to collect date of birth in the customer profile I really don´t understand.  I have various Apps.  One is for a customer dahsboard and this app allows clients to update details.  I have another ReConvert that on the tank you page gives an opportunity to add birthday to receive a gift.  I also use Automizely.  The first App collects and updates Shopify with any data, but does not record the date of birth.  The 2nd ReConvert adds it as a note, but Automizely syncs from Shopify and so as the birthday is a note it goes no where and doesn´t show.  This being the App to send out birthday emails is defeated by Shopify not having a simple field to add the date of birth.  Come on this is not rocket science!  Is there a reason why this is not collected.  What is the purpose of having paid apps to do functions that are then thwarted because Shopify won´t collect the date, and is the central sync area.


I am getting frustrated at finding small issues everyday and having to spend so much time with various support teams.  My inbox is a mess and nothing is getting fixed.

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the best way to collect birthdays is a customer metafield, but you still need an app to do this, you can check the one in my signature for example.


Curiously Shopify has released anniversary segments that can calculate customers based on relative dates +-days


Yet they are not really easy to integrate with flows, the emails would still need to be sent manually and the discount reviewed after some time. And still Shopify won't collect natively the birthday, but the date the customer was created. We wrote a bit about it in this article if you want to check.

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