Collecting customer info during point of sale (POS) checkout

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In the Shopify POS app you can ship to customer, send cart, and go to cart. The first two collect customer contact information, but the last one, go to cart doesn't.


When a customer is in front of you and will take their purchase with them, we use the go to cart page; however, I don't see a way to collect customer contact information. The inadequate options are to send receipt by email or sms and add a note. Both options require the person using the POS to remember to do both, and the email or number collected to send the receipt is not searchable (i.e., it's attached to the order, but a customer reaching out can't be searched for).


My question is: is there a way to force the collection of email, number, address, or even just name of a customer that is checking out in person and taking the good with them? (Ship to customer, while taking payment and collecting information, is not a solution because our warehouse team won't know if the order was taken or if it still needs shipped.)


Thank you for your help.

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Yes! I have a similar question. I notice that when I buy something from a merchant that uses Square (and other systems), my customer info is automatically saved and then brought up in their system the next time I check out. I don't know why Shopify doesn't do something similar. I have so many repeat customers who have to reenter email addresses, phone numbers, etc. even if they use the same credit card, and this information is fairly useless to me when it comes to aggregating and analyzing customer data. I keep thinking I am missing something! 

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Same issue here and the customers seem to get upset that it doesn't store their info - like it's not a legit pos system since they are so used to square. Did you get any more info on this? Thank you!


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I'm also waiting answer on this