Combine Financing apps to one line

Combine Financing apps to one line

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Our website offers multiple financing options which all help with sales, however our issue is the aesthetics of promoting them all. Would anyone know how to possibly modify the code to combine the 3 lines into one while still keeping it dynamic? We would also like to place the buy buttons in the center rather than off to the left. Attached are images of how the website currently looks and a photoshopped image of how we would like it to look. Any help is appreciated. 




product page w 3 apps.jpgproduct page w 3 apps fixed.jpg

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Hi @pcus , thank you for posting here!
In your case, in order to fix the button position, I need a temporary collaborator access from your Shopify store (you can remove it when it's done). If you agree, you can send your collaborator code via private messaging. Then, I will start requesting the collab request and work on it.
Love to help out!


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