Combining Buy X Get Y Free with Bulk Discount on X

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Hi everyone,

We're facing a challenge in setting up a specific discount combination and would greatly appreciate any insights or creative solutions.


Desired Discount Scenario:
- We have a main product (X) that drives significant volume.
- We also have an accessory product (Y) that we want customers to receive for free when they purchase X, as a way to encourage them to try Y and potentially purchase it separately in the future.
- If a customer adds 1X to their cart, they should get 1Y for free.
- We also offer a bulk buy discount on X: if a customer purchases 5 or more units of X, they receive a discount on X.


The Problem:
According to Shopify's discount limitations, products that are part of a "Buy X Get Y Free" discount are ineligible for further product discounts. If a customer enters a discount code that applies to products in a "Buy X Get Y Free" discount, the "Buy X Get Y Free" discount is removed, and only the customer's discount code is applied to the order.


  • This means if someone purchases 4 or fewer of X, they get Y for free as we would like.
  • If someone purchases 5 or more of X, they are no longer eligible to get Y for free (not what we want)


Does anyone have any creative ideas on how we can still offer a discount on X while also giving customers Y for free when they purchase X?


Considered Solutions:
1. Using normal discount codes: This doesn't seem viable, as a normal discount code can't control whether a customer is buying X at the same time. Someone could potentially get Y for free without purchasing X.
2. Controlling the discount at the cart level with Javascript: While this might work, it isn't foolproof but may be our only option.


Are there any other simple solutions we might be overlooking?


Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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