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I know there is a way to combine shipping with an app, but does shopify support (or WILL they support) combining orders? I have people who often order one item, and then within 24 hours place another order, and it would really clear things up if I could somehow combine them in the shopify backend.

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Hey Kassiellen!

Nicholas here, a Shopify Guru :)

Within the admin, there is no way to combine orders. However, we do have an excellent app called Order Manger, which will allow you to merge orders, among other order related controls not available natively within the admin :) I've included a link below :)

Order Manager App:

Hope this help!



Nicholas | Shopify 
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Yeeeeeeah, not paying $30 per month to combine orders, since there is very little that app offers other than order combining that I would actually use.

I guess I'll print 'n staple as usual.

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It would really be helpful to have this in shopify. I have many customers abroad and the shipping is really a problem. It would help if i could add the option of ordering excluding shipping and when they are ready add a shipping rate to send everything at once.

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An update for this thread for SEO purposes lol...


Now that Shopify has the EDIT feature, refund 1 order (but set refund amount to $0 and do NOT notify customer). Then on the other order, Edit > Add the items from the other order (do NOT notify customer) > mark as paid then fulfill as normal. Works for me!

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That was a great workaround you found. I just used it. Thanks!

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Hi @Kassiellen_Dora,

I think you better check out our app Order Merger, it allows you to set up rules & merge order automatically if they fit your rules.

You can also merge order manually, control what happens to the original orders (in terms of canceling or archiving them) and the new order, and you can also send an email notification to let your customer know his orders have been merged

I help it helps,



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I looked into this and why would I want to use this I really did some research and it said that it will actually change the analytics in your Shopify account so we would not get correct reporting. Shopify if you can edit a variance you can edit the shipping process eBay does this for their customers I understand the apps that you want to help out other companies but get with it already it’s 2021 it takes me an extra 20-30 minutes a day to combine my orders I shouldn’t have to deal with this. eBay all you do is press the button

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Hello there

We have developed an app called Mergify. It helps you to merge orders. You can define all fields of the new merged order and check the app functionality by creating draft orders. When you are sure about your settings, you can make orders directly. Mergify notifies customers, cancels or archives orders, refunds extra shipping costs if you want. 

You can define some rules to help it find mergeable orders for you. For example, you may not want to merge orders with a special tag, or only consider the last 48 hours orders. Mergify then shows you merging suggestions that you can take action with just a few clicks. Even this process can be automated, so if a customer creates orders with the same shipping address that passes your defined rules, Mergify merges it automatically.

Of course, this app can not work as clean as a Shopify native solution, but we are really working on it, and we really appreciate your comments and suggestions.