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I've created a Coming Soon landing page already. I was wondering how to do a Coming Soon public announcement to start drive traffic into the site to start build email subscriber lists?  Thanks.

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Hi @KT48 ,


Congratulations on successfully creating your own Coming Soon landing page. It’s gonna be a great destination to attract users, increase traffic, and build your customer’s email base. You can implement a flexible and multichannel marketing strategy to drive more traffic to your Coming Soon landing page and start building your email list. 


First, start with advertising. I think this is always the first method that comes up in everyone’s mind when mentioning to drive more traffic to the site. If you have the budget, it’s not bad to invest an amount in PPC ads on Google, focus on a keyword list that relates to your products and services, and attract interested users. 


Next, use your existing social media accounts as a tool to market and promote your site and announce the Coming Soon page. Regularly post updates, sneak peeks, and teaser content to build interest. This is an effective organic traffic source and a great platform to connect with your potential customers deeply. Oh, and don’t forget to consider using paid social media advertising to reach a broader audience. The ads operation is not so much different from Google Ads so you can implement a social media advertising campaign to reach to a wider audience who may have an interest in your products and services. 


Mentioning to social media, how’s about influencer marketing, this method can cost you a little bit cost to hire and collaborate with a KOL/KOC to promote your coming soon campaign. However, the effectiveness is indisputable. They share information about your upcoming launch with their followers, who might be interested in what you're offering.


Additionally, you can think about partnership and networking. Participating in industry events, webinars, and conferences where you can talk about your upcoming launch and utilizing your relationship and network in the field to promote your campaign is not a bad idea either. 


All of the recommendations above will take you cost to implement. However, if you want to gain something, it’s better to invest in it. I think the small money you invest in the first place is worthy to achieve a bigger goal in the future. Good luck!

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