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Coming Soon page shows header and footer

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Hello there,

I have played around a bit under the themes editor - options - passwords in order to set a coming soon page. I was trying out different things. Before I started it was more or less a blank page with the information, coming soon. Now still the same but it shows also the header and footer of my store (which is currently still under construction).

If I remove the menu/ header and footer then it will disappear also from my draft-page.


Question: How can I edit the password-page without touching the "real" store? Do I have to create a copy of the store? 

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@DaveD There are a few options for setting up a coming soon page without affecting the live store:


  1. Use a password-protected page template: Shopify allows you to create a separate template for password-protected pages, where you can make changes and test them without affecting the rest of your store. You can access this by going to Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit Code > Templates.
  2. Use a coming soon app: There are many Shopify apps available that allow you to set up a coming soon page without affecting the live store. These apps often include features such as email capture forms, countdown timers, and custom designs.
  3. Use a development store: Shopify allows you to create a development store, which is a duplicate of your live store. You can use this development store to test changes and updates before applying them to the live store.
  4. Use a page visibility: You can use the page visibility feature to control the pages that are visible to the customers. It can be found under the theme editor, you can set the pages to be available only for certain groups of people, such as password-protected pages, or only for the store owner.


It is important to note that in all of the above cases, you should test the changes on a test environment before deploying them to the live store, to make sure everything looks good and works as expected.