Re: Compare At Price is Not Appearing As An Option

Compare At Price is Not Appearing As An Option

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Hi, I am having a problem displaying sales on products (I'm trying for the sale to appear and then the original price with a line over, and hopefully be able to edit the color but understand if not possible). They do not appear at all as in sale on the main page or product page. I've tried going to Products, clicking on the product, finding pricing, then compare-at. But I don't even have a pricing section or seem to have a compare-at feature as shown on google. I have also tried going to discounts and placing a discounts but also not working. I am using the Essence theme and figure it has something to do with it. Is anyone familiar with this and can help me? This page is not allowing me to attach images as reference but basically how a SALE product look on a webpage like

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Hello @ABC15 

Can you please share your store link and also explain this in details with Scrrenshot

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