Completely FREE App - Billing API needed?

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Hi there,


We're planning to build a Shopify app that will be completely free. No charges at all, no paid plans or anything.


In the Shopify requirements, it says that apps need to use the Billing API "unless you've been notified otherwise by Shopify" (see screenshot). Given that we are building a completely free app, I was wondering how we can get the necessary approval by Shopify to release our app without the billing API if at all. The only related thread I could find for this is from 2019, 5 years ago.

Many thanks in advance!



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I'm pretty sure the quoted requirement is just there to prevent people from using Stripe, etc. to charge merchants.


I've published at least 2 apps that were free on day 1, without the Billing API, so you should be fine to do the same.

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Awesome, thanks so much for your reply @tobebuilds! 🙏

Hoping this will actually be the case. For my peace of mind, it would be great to get an 'official' confirmation from someone at Shopify, but this is already very helpful.