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Conditional Shipping for a Carrier Rate

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Hey there! I am looking to add a minimum order quantity for shipping on my store. I know you can do this through adding "conditional pricing" in the rate options of the "shipping and delivery" settings tab. However, conditional pricing is only available by selecting the "Set up your own rates" option. The problem becomes that I want to use a "carrier to calculate rates" but when you select that option it no longer allows you to set conditional pricing.


The question is, is there a way to use carrier rates but also set a minimum order quantity for shipping? 

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I don't think it's possible to do that natively, but it's possible with our app ShipMagic.
You can create a rule in our app to hide the live carrier rate when the cart quantity is below the minimum order quantity for shipping.

This solution works on all the Shopify plans, and requires you to pay for our starter plan only.

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